Writing a Story-Part 5: Less is more!

Howdy everyone,

Onward!  Upward!  Snip and cut!

So my crit group did a great job once more of stepping up to the plate.  As a matter of fact, I took nearly all of the suggestions that Fanely Gouguet made.  Why?  Because less is more in picture book world.

As I sat there staring at my screen with her suggestions in place, I kept asking myself, “Do I still see in my mind’s eye what I need to see without those words there.”  And nearly every time I asked myself that question the answer was “yes.”

Except, that sounds a lot more specific.  My brain really said this: “Sheesh.  Why didn’t you think of that already?  Make sure to buy Fanely a cupcake if you ever get to meet her.”  [which by the way, if I hadn't mentioned--my crit group is completely online and we're from all over the world.  I think the closest person I am near in my crit group lives in North Carolina.  Or Maine.  Did I already tell you to join a Crit Group?  Do it.  Do it now.]

Ahem.  Where was I?  Oh yeah–keeping the word count down but having the story seem as “big” as possible.  While I don’t want to lean on the pictures, I do have to remember that a MAJOR component of the picture book is, well, the pictures!

There’s no need to over-describe how a room looks or how an action is done when there will (hopefully) be a big beautiful picture doing all the describing.

Please take the time to look at Fanely’s critique.  Not only did it tighten up my story, but it is a great example of how you can take lots of sentences and words out of a story and the story becomes even more clear.

I present you–one fine critique.  Right here.

Next on my Monster Hunter punch list is to start my submission letter.  Believe it or not, it’s almost time to buy some stamps!  Or at least send out some e-mails!  Woot woot!


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