Hi Everyone!

Just a little about myself.  As you can see from the top, my name is Anthony Pearson.  I’m a writer, a school counselor, and a child therapist.  While I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve lived in Georgia for nearly all of my life.  Now I live in the great little (well, medium) town of Marietta.

I don’t think I could even call writing a passion of mine–it’s just something that has been so innate, so much a part of me, that it’s like I just can’t help myself.  If I’m not writing children’s stories, I’m working on a screenplay or two.  If I’m not doing that, then I’m writing school counseling literature.  Taking ideas from my brain and putting them onto paper is part of what makes me, well, me!

Things that I like: a sky full of stars, a story that I can’t stop thinking about, playing “pretend” with my children, laughing with my wife, and a good game of chess.

You can feel free to e-mail me at Contact@AnthonyPearson.info

If you are interested in me doing readings/signings, “career day” presentations, or other public speaking events, just make sure you put that in the subject line.  I won’t open e-mails without knowing what’s in ‘em.

Thanks for visiting my site!


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